Running Gully

Situated in the south-west of Western Australia and surrounded by stunning giant karri and jarrah trees, this property is very special.

Running Gully is an outstanding property, known in the area for its beauty and tranquility is finally for sale.
"Offering so much, a property for sale like this hasn't been available for a long timeā€¦.a lifestyle and tree-change opportunity not to be missed."

160 acres surrounded by State Forest and Department of Parks and Wildlife plantations and unlike many farms in the region that have cleared paddocks that are running livestock or crops, Running Gully is mostly natural forest and bush lands plus of course the 15 acre private “lake”.

The property offers a number of income streams, including marron and blue-gums but also potential for other crops such as vines, avocados and truffles all of which are currently being grown with great success in the region.

There is also excellent potential income for a tourism based business as Running Gully is located next to the Munda Biddi Trail. Currently zoned General Agriculture Rural that permits two residences plus up to four holiday chalets (STCA). There is also the possibility of subdivision and rezoning that would allow further expansion of a tourism based enterprise for holiday accommodation or other businesses.

Property Infrastructure

Residential Buildings

  • The original house site is the most picturesque site on the property…and it is ready to rebuild on. Fully serviced with electricity, water, septic and telephone services already in place. The site includes two rainwater tanks - 40,000lt concrete and 24,000lt poly plus a carport for 4 cars and equipment.

  • Peninsula with large jetty with deck and gazebo over the lake

  • Hill-top refurbished 2 bedroom timber cottage with two 24,000lt poly rainwater tanks

  • Hill-top 2 bedroom chalet fully powered - (12m x 2.4m)

  • Art Studio - renovated and powered original log cabin with large deck verandah overlooking the lake

Garden and Paddocks

  • 20 acres around the old housesite, part garden, part natural bush

  • Vege and fruit tree patches

  • 15 acre permanent dam holding 80,000 kLt (14 million gallons) of water

  • 50 acres of blue gum plantation timber

  • 9 acres comprising of 13 fully powered and irrigated marron ponds plus associated infrastructure

  • 60 acres of natural jarrah and karri bush with nature walk trails

  • 6 acres of north facing paddock

  • Gravelled access tracks

  • Some property fencing and fire breaks

Sheds / Out Buildings

  • Marron Shed with power - (6m x 4m)

  • Work and equipment shed with power plus separate car garage - (9m x 6m)

  • Equipment and tractor carport with power - (12m x 6m)

  • 40ft sea-container powered shed with work benches, industrial shelving even air-conditioning - (12m x 2.4m)

Income Potential


13 purpose-built marron ponds over a 9 acre area are fully reticulated and powered. Varying in size, the ponds hold in total some 8,000 kLt water.

There is 1 small nursery pond for breeding and 12 grow-out ponds. As we have been travelling and away from the property, the ponds were drained and marron stock moved into the lake. The ponds will be ready for restocking in the new year when juveniles stock is plentiful.

There is separate mains power and metering for the marron farm with the ponds having electric supply outlets.

A 500v Grunfos pump located in the marron shed is used for topping up, refilling or cooling the water in the ponds via a permanent series of pipes with taps attached for management.

The marron shed houses benches, pumps, crates, feed, nets, hides, purging tanks etc.


50 acres of Blue Gum plantation located on the northern side of the lake were harvested in mid 2006.

By autumn 2020 they will require coppice management and thus provide a second crop and income around 2022.

However this area could be cleared and used for a crop other than plantation timber.

Vines, truffles and avocados are good options for this area.


There is also excellent potential income for a tourism based business.

The Munda Biddi Trail is a world class 1,000km mountain bike trail. There are few places left in the world where a 1,000km trail could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor but we have it running close to our property.
Visit the Munda Biddi

Riders are in need of overnight cabins and accommodation.

Currently zoned Rural that permits 2 residences plus up to 4 holiday chalets (STCA) or there is the possibility of subdivision and rezoning that would allow further expansion of a tourism based enterprise for holiday accommodation or other businesses.


The southern forest region of Pemberton and Manjimup is known as the “food bowl” of Western Australia.

Food producers in the region are growing more than 50 types of fruit and vegetables as well other farming products including just to name a few….truffles, marron and beef cattle.

Visit the Southern Forest Food Council’s website for more information.

Running Gully has good quality karri loam soil and there are opportunities for various crops including vines, avocados and truffles to be grown on the property.

You can have the confidence that your water supply will not be an issue.
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