Running Gully

Situated in the south-west of Western Australia and surrounded by stunning giant karri and jarrah trees, this property is very special.

So many beautiful views and scenery…these are just a very small selection of some of our favourite moments.

Click on an image for a gallery of photos….

Full Aerial Video
  •  Tree view from bedroom

    Tree view from bedroom

  •  Sunset over lake

    Sunset over lake

  •  trees and trees

    trees and trees

  •  Karri trees

    Karri trees

  •  lake view from bedroom

    lake view from bedroom

  •  A frame garden

    A frame garden

  •  karri trees are stunning

    karri trees are stunning

  •  Look up at those trees

    Look up at those trees

  •  Orchids


  •  Grass trees

    Grass trees

  •  Maggie and horse

    Maggie and horse

  •  tall timber

    tall timber

  •  Vege patch

    Vege patch

  •  Corn starting to grow

    Corn starting to grow

  •  Vege patch view

    Vege patch view

  •  Yummy fresh veges

    Yummy fresh veges

  •  these will be delicious

    these will be delicious

  •  Lemon tree and lake

    Lemon tree and lake

  •  Feeding time

    Feeding time

  •  Mum, Dad and Baby

    Mum, Dad and Baby

  •  Claro and Chookie

    Claro and Chookie

  •  Joey Peek-a-boo

    Joey Peek-a-boo

  •  Feed me

    Feed me

  •  Little man and friends

    Little man and friends

  •  Bindi


  •  Geese


  •  Lucy


  •  more roos

    more roos

  •  Gordon the best dog

    Gordon the best dog

  •  Bindi on deck

    Bindi on deck

  •  View back to A frame

    View back to A frame

  •  Deck views

    Deck views

  •  Lake, geese and deck

    Lake, geese and deck

  •  Summer beers and swim

    Summer beers and swim

  •  Sasha on deck

    Sasha on deck

  •  Ducks and trees

    Ducks and trees

  •  Stunning lake view

    Stunning lake view

  •  Lucy on deck

    Lucy on deck

  •  Reflactions on lake

    Reflactions on lake

  •  Lets dig a sandpit

    Lets dig a sandpit

  •  Mud...glorious mud

    Mud...glorious mud

  •  Row row row your boat

    Row row row your boat

  •  Sand pit fun

    Sand pit fun

  •  Learner driver

    Learner driver

  •  Mountain bike paradise

    Mountain bike paradise

  •  Boys and mud..just good fun

    Boys and mud..just good fun

  •  Fire clean up

    Fire clean up

  •  A few lumberjacks

    A few lumberjacks

  •  Men, marron and dog

    Men, marron and dog

  •  Baby gosling

    Baby gosling

  •  Pizza oven...yummy

    Pizza oven...yummy

  •  The gang around campfire

    The gang around campfire

  •  A frame sunset - a sad loss

    A frame sunset - a sad loss

  •  Log cabin deck

    Log cabin deck

  •  Log cabin

    Log cabin

  •  Log cabin art studio

    Log cabin art studio

  •  Log cabin deck view

    Log cabin deck view

  •  Cottage views

    Cottage views

  •  A frame site

    A frame site

  •  Chalet bedroom

    Chalet bedroom

  •  Rainbow from cottage

    Rainbow from cottage

  •  Cottage view

    Cottage view

  •  Cottage


  •  Cottage and container chalet

    Cottage and container chalet